Custom tailored architectures

We develop various approaches to control supramolecular self-assembly with the aim of building functional architectures from a bottom up approach at the nanometer scale.

Structure analysis

The structure analysis of self-assembled molecular organic adsorbates via complementary techniques such as STM, AFM, LEED and computational chemistry calculations is a prerequisite for the understanding of the (bio-)organic/solid interface. Heteroepitactic template directed growth of organic molecules on solid supports might become more important in the area of manufacturing on the nanoscale.

Origin of life studies

Organic adsorbates can be used for testing molecular self-assembly under primordial conditions. We have suggested that the spontaneous self-assembly of DNA-base molecules on mineral surfaces may play an essential role in the chemical evolution towards the origin of life under prebiotic conditions. For a complete understanding of the system, STM-imaging and quantumchemical calculations are performed.